İngilizce Kısa Hikaye/ Lucy Silverman'ın Ürkütücü Gecesi (Past Continuous ve Past Simple)


"It was just before midnight on October 31st 2 years ago. Lucy Silverman was driving home after visiting her brother. The road was clear and she was driving carefully. Suddenly,out of nowhere,a young man stepped out in front of her. He was wearing a dark coloured jacket and carrying a backpack. Lucy stepped hard on the brake pedal but it was too late! She got out of the car but,to her surprise, there was nobody outside. While she was looking under the car,she felt a cold breeze on her face and a strange presence. She was still looking under her car when a lorry stopped behind her. The lorry driver, a middle-aged woman, walked up to her and asked if she needed anything.So she told her what happened. She didn't seem surprised when Lucy told her about the young man. "In October 1980, there were a car accident on this road and a hitchhiker was fatally run over. You are not the first to have seen his ghost,my dear." she said in a mysterious tone."

  • Midnight =gece yarısı
  • carefully=dikkatli
  • suddenly=birden bire
  • backpack=sırt çantası
  • brake pedal=fren pedalı
  • breeze=esinti
  • presence=varlık
  • lorry=kamyonet
  • car accident=araba kazası
  • hitchhiker=otostopçu
  • fatally=ölümcül bir şekilde
  • ghost=hayalet
NOT: Past continuous ve Past Simple konularında ayrıntılı bilgi için tıklayın!