1 It isn’t used for plural nouns.

X children, x boxes etc.

2 It isn’t used before mass nouns.

knowledge, experience, advice, news, luggage, baggage, furniture, accommodation, chaos, information

In a particular way

He has a good knowledge of social science.

3 The word going a different meaning.

Hair 1)Saç, doesn’t take “a” , 2)Kıl, takes “a” eg/ There is a hair in my soup.

4 It isn’t used before abstract nouns.

beauty, fear, happiness, hope…etc.

She became white with fear.

In a particular way on sense

Some children suffer from a fear of the North.

5 It isn’t used before means except whom they are preceded by adjectives or clauses.

have lunch / breakfast / dinner


an excellent dinner an unforgettable dinner

We were invited to a dinner which was given by Mr Mcdonald and Mr Buzz